Buffalo Outlet


When I was a first-year in college, the Buffalo Outlet on Olmos was still a Buffalo Exchange, where you could sell-trade-buy clothing all at one place. Neither my roommate nor I had a car, so we walked in the heat and humidity of mid-August. By the time we got to the store we were so sweaty and tired I don’t think we even tried anything on. About a year later this location became an outlet… and I had my own car. From then on, this store became one of our favorite spots to shop.

The clothes here are mostly boutique/higher-end retail items; rarely do I see a Forever XXI label. Plus, since this is only one of two Buffalo Outlets in the U.S. (the other being in Arizona), this store receives leftover clothing items from all east coast Buffalo Exchange stores, so you get plenty of diversity in style and seasonal pieces. Plus plus, this store is constantly receiving new shipments, which means you can return a week or two later and have a completely new selection to browse. Plus plus plus, no item is ever priced higher than $7, so you are definitely in for a treat.

This past Friday my friend/amazing model, Annette, and I stopped by Buffalo to take advantage of those sweet, sweet deals. Each week, the color tag on each item represents a specific price or discount. This week, red and blue tags were full price (see my full price list for each item below), green tags were 50% off, and lilac tags were $1. Full priced items are the newest and dollar items have been there longer. Each week the colors rotate to a different discount, but the discount values always stay the same; two colors will always be full price, one will be 50% off, and the other is $1. Here is the list of full prices for all items sold at Buffalo Outlet:

Women’s tops – $4.50

Men’s tops – $3.50

Pants – $7

Skirts – $4

Shorts – $4

Dresses – $7

Sweaters – $4.50

Jackets – $7

Shoes – $7

Jewelry & Accessories – $2.50

Purses – $3.50

After 10-15 minutes of browsing, Annette had a handful of items, I was obsessed with a few pairs of shoes, and we were headed to the fitting rooms. Now, the fitting rooms at this store are superb; they have bright lighting, full length mirrors, and are very clean. I’m not even kidding when I say that this is where I most often find myself staring at the pores on my nose for a good 10 minutes before I even try any clothes on… the mirrors and lighting are just



After trying everything on, I decided to save my money and come back next week. However, Annette left with two super cute dresses and a pair of heels in hand. How much did two good-as-new dresses and a pair of heels cost at Buffalo Outlet, you ask? $20 I’ll tell you, and that’s because each item Annette bought was marked at full price. Still, $20 for all three items is hard to beat. Would you believe my fashion blog was about thrifted clothing if I just showed you the following photos without any context? I find that many fashionistas think they have to shop mall retailers to guarantee they find the newest on-trend items. I’m here to prove them wrong.

Overall, Annette and I spent about 30 minutes in Buffalo Outlet, paid a total cost of $20 (plus gas), and left with three new wardrobe additions. But that’s just scratching the surface. Annette bought items that were new to her wardrobe, but not new to the cycle; in other words, she is reducing her impact on the environment by reusing the items that someone else recycled (there are three key words here). She also spent her money at a store that gives back to charities, instead of mall retailers. If this isn’t a win-win situation, I don’t know what is. Here is what Annette had to say about her experience:

“I have thrifted before, but not very often. In my opinion, it’s a skill that requires a lot of patience in order to get something you really like. Nevertheless, when I went shopping at Buffalo it seemed like we weren’t there for longer than 15 minutes. Buffalo had a lot of lovely choices which expedited the shopping process. My favorite part about shopping at Buffalo were the employees; they were very friendly and informative. I would definitely go back.”

I hope this blog post gives you some insight into the thrifting process, encourages you to check out Buffalo Outlet, and convinces you to try thrifting for yourself! Be sure to stop by again for future blog posts about other thrift stores around San Antonio and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or inquiries about my blog or thrift shopping in general!

Are you still there?

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Here are some of the more peculiar pieces we found at Buffalo Outlet.