Community Thrift

Alright so I graduated college. But I have a couple more blog posts scheduled for the future so don’t give up on me yet; we’ve only just begun! I also traveled to Panama (and Canada) recently (please refer to the photos below to reach maximum jealousy). As a Spanish speaker who has never traveled to a country where the language is predominantly Spanish, I have reassured myself that I am definitely still at the 5th grade level of speaking (the same I level I have been on for the past 3 years; Duolingo, you need to step up your game). But enough of my personal business, let’s get to thrifting business!

A couple days after I graduated university, I visited Community Thrift with my friend, and this post’s model, Sabrina! My roommate, and previous model, Iris, joined us for the ride (and Starbucks) and we had such a blast!

To begin, Community Thrift has the coolest neon turquoise sign above their store front. I wish I had taken a picture of their sign while I was there. If you’re curious I’m sure you can find it online. But besides the sign, this store has many other great qualities: everything is very well organized, they have a large selection, the staff is super friendly, and they always have a discount on their already discounted items.

The discounts are a little complicated, and it took me a visit and a phone call just to get everything straight:

There is a 25% military discount every day.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, senior citizens get 25% off.

On Tuesday and Thursdays, students and teachers get 25% off.


Everyday two colored tags are discounted, one at 50% off and another at 35% off, except Sunday, when there are three colored tags with a 50% discount. With these discounts, I honestly don’t remember ever paying the full tag price for any item.

This store is also relatively quiet; whenever I want a super relaxing shopping experience (i.e. no maneuvering around shopping carts in narrow aisles and no waiting in line for a fitting room), this is the first place that comes to mind.

We spent about an hour browsing and Sabrina and I ended up finding some really cool items. I left with a new pair of shoes and a handy-dandy purse that traveled with me to Panama, Canada, and back to Texas. My total purchase cost me ~$10 and a tear after I had to leave behind the cutest pair of cheetah print boots which, sadly, weren’t within my price range. Sabrina also found a few super cute items so let’s dive in to some pictures, shall we?

The first item Sabrina bought was a red top, which caught her eye because of the unique flowy collar. This top cost her $6 and she paired it with a previously thrifted tan skirt that she was gifted. So this outfit cost Sabrina a total of $6 (excluding her cute shoes from Urban Outfitters).

What I really like about Sabrina’s first outfit (and the next one too) is that the items she found are totally work-appropriate, and finding work-appropriate clothes can be a difficult (not to mention expensive) task at any store. But finding work-friendly clothing at thrift stores it totally doable, it just takes a little more patience while browsing. Plus, since thrifted items tend to be a bit more unique, your work outfits will be less bland and, perhaps, a little more memorable.

Sabrina’s second outfit consists of a skirt that she found in a two-piece set and a relaxed black button-down. The two-piece set cost her $10 and the top $4. Again, a totally work appropriate outfit for a total price of $14 (excluding the cool clogs from Free People); if you can find a better deal than this at a mall retailer then I applaud you, you shopping genius.

So what is another reason why Sabrina looks so bad-ass in her thrifted outfits? Maybe it’s because she knows her purchases indirectly benefited charities: Community Thrift supports the DAV (Disabled American Veterans)AMVETS (Americans Veterans)UCP (United Cerebral Palsy), and Easterseals. Or perhaps Sabrina knows that her purchases at Community Thrift allowed her to play a key role in reducing her environmental footprint by reusing clothing items that others have recycled.

Either way, I think we can all agree that it’s super rewarding to wear an outfit that makes you look and FEEL fabulous!

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Here are some of the more peculiar items we found at Community Thrift: